A brand that is not tied to the everyday elements that passes through life. Aiming to KNOT be what others believe we are. You are more than what meets the eye. This is.. KnotWTR we are a higher element of the visual representation of who we are. 

We're Knot what always meets the eye. Water is Knot what you always think it is, it can change forms, transform and has many different elements. Water can be in the form of a puddle, pool or ocean. Similar to water you can expand and grow. 

You have many talents that were gifted to you. If you do not neglect your talents then you will shine in this world, but in order to shine we must take the risks first to become who we want to be. That is the vision of KNOTWTR!

What is something that is Knot true that people generalize about you?


About The Designer Obi Nwankwo

It's Knot what you think it is. It’s more than that. I grew up and I was Knot always the individual people imagined me to be. I was raised in a Nigerian household with a Single mom with 4 kids. My mom relocated to America from Nigeria to attend Harvard University and provide a better life for our family.

I was a 6’3” African American kid who played Football, Basketball, Baseball, and ran Track. People at the time had a bias towards me when I relocated from a diverse densely populated inner city areas of Boston to a suburban town. When I moved everyone thought I would be uneducated and just into sports but this was Knot true. I was in love with school amongst a lot of things that didn’t meet the eye. I loved fashion, the arts, cinematography, writing, acting, and modeling because they enhanced my creativity. 

I was Knot always able to express that side along with my fashion side fully because of the East Coast environment I grew up in. The East Coast at the time did not accept creatives and was more corporate driven. When I moved to the West Coast I was really able to bring my creativity to life. KnotWtr was created because of the tying of the different elements of my life into one brand. Who I am is an element that’s Knot always what meets the eye when you see me at first. The different elements and interests that compose my character are a part of me. So join me and become a part of KnotWtr!


Who I Do it For:

Family is everything to me. On the inside of every pair of glasses has the date “7-7’1938” which is the day my Grandfather was born. He recently passed away late 2020, during the beginning stages of KnotWtr. He would have been so proud to see his grandson's creation. Volume 1 + Volume 2 are dedicated to him. 


Our Sustainable Commitment: Redefining Fashion's Footprint

At KNOTWTR, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of our philosophy. Our commitment to the planet shines through in every thread of our fabric. Our denim collection isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a conscious choice towards a greener future.

Crafted from meticulously upcycled denim, we repurpose discarded jeans to create new, stylish pieces. Each garment tells a story of renewal and purpose, reflecting our dedication to reducing waste and environmental impact. By choosing KNOTWTR, you're not just choosing fashion; you're choosing a sustainable, eco-conscious lifestyle.